The Prominent Bono Service assists people suffering financial difficulty caused through serious illness or disability.

Service Criteria

Prominent Financial Services have developed criteria to assess the following when considering providing the Pro Bono Service (which are discussed in more detail below):

  • Client Criteria - the clients that are likely eligible for assistance.
  • Nature of Service - the services available under the Pro Bono Service.
  • Basis of Service - the basis on which services will be provided.
  • Compensation Claims.

Criteria and guidelines as to what work will be undertaken are important to enable Prominent Financial Services to decide in advance on the eligibility of applicants. In addition, the criteria allows decisions not only to be made fairly and objectively, but also carried out and completed in a timely manner.

Client Criteria

Prominent Financial Services will assess each applicant individually, considering the financial means of the applicant and taking into account whether there is any other assistance available to the applicant.

The criteria for eligibility is not expressed in terms of dollar amounts, but rather an inquiry into the applicant’s capacity to pay for financial assistance.

It is neither possible nor desirable to have a means test that sets a cut-off level for eligibility – such as a certain dollar level of weekly income or above a certain level of assets. This is problematic enough, particularly given the differing circumstances of applicants and the stressful situation in which they have found themselves.

In certain circumstances, limitations may be placed on the Pro Bono Service where applicants are unable to visit our office for consultation.

In addition, the Pro Bono Service extends to the ‘middle ground’ – applicants that fall outside Government eligibility guidelines, but are unable to afford to meet added expenses that are associated with serious illness or disability.

The sustainability of the Pro Bono Service is reliant on a balanced, profitable business which must remain the business’ core focus. Therefore, Prominent Financial Services retains full discretion on how many Pro Bono Service applicants it can practically handle at any given time.

Prominent Financial Services will give priority to those who are terminally ill and retains full discretion on which cases it chooses to handle.

Nature of Service

Prominent Financial Services will determine the nature of the Pro Bono Service they are prepared to undertake, including but not limited to:

  • financial advice and assistance;
  • debt and cashflow management;
  • investment and superannuation options;
  • liaising with external debtors, companies and organisations;
  • compensation claim assistance.
Basis of Service

Under the Pro Bono Service, Prominent Financial Services (at their discretion) will provide services, either:

  • free of charge;
  • for a reduced or substantially reduced fee; or
  • without expectation of a fee.

Prominent Financial Services chooses to retain a degree of flexibility, specifically in relation to non for profit, charities and compensation claim applicants.

If Pro Bono Services are to be offered for a reduced fee, applicants will be made fully aware of the extent to which they will be required to contribute to the costs of the work. Referring agencies need to be aware that applicants may be charged.

Compensation Claims

In the case of compensation claims, arrangements can be made where no fees are charged until claims are settled. Such matters are at discretion of Prominent Financial Services and will be assessed on a case by case basis; discussed and agreed to before any work is undertaken.

How to Apply

If you believe you fit the criteria for the Prominent Pro Bono Service and require assistance as outlined in the ‘Nature of Service’ above, please complete and submit an application for review.

If you have not received a response within 5 business days of submission, please contact the office directly on 08 7325 3000 to ensure we have received your request.

Resources for Applicants

Disclaimer: Please note that this information is of a general nature only and have been provided without taking account of your objectives, financial situation or needs. Because of this, you should consider whether the information is appropriate in light of your particular objectives, financial situation and needs.